The Team

Principal Investigator: Professor Rosalind Love

Professor Love writes on the Latin literature written in early England, focusing especially on hagiography, in particular the hagiography of women. But she is also interested in the way early medieval scholars read and interpreted older texts, whether it is the venerable Bede commenting on the Bible, or people scribbling in the margins of copies of Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy. She has published editions and translations of various Latin texts, and serves as the general editor of a series that prints such editions. Her role in the project has been chiefly to support and advise the Research Associate.

Co-Investigator: Professor Paul Russell

Professor Russell has published widely on medieval Welsh and Irish literature in both prose and verse, on Latin literature written in Wales, on various aspects of Celtic philology and on legal texts; he has significant experience in textual criticism, editing and translation in Welsh, Cornish and Latin, and has worked on and published on Geoffrey of Monmouth and Gerald of Wales. His role, as a scholar who embodies the crossing of the linguistic boundaries this project seeks to address, will be primarily advisory, but he will also contribute to and speak at the conference in 2023 and at a session at the IMC at Leeds.

Research Associate: Dr Francesco Marzella

Dr Francesco Marzella has significant expertise in editing and translating Latin texts.
His primary research interests are in the field of Latin hagiography and Arthurian literature. He edited Aelred of Rievaulx’s Life of St Edward the Confessor and its anonymous versification (both published in Corpus Christianorum – Continuatio Mediaevalis, 3A).
Francesco is the scholar with main responsibility for the edition, translation and annotation of the five Latin Arthurian texts.