Cornish - Beunans Meriasek

The Life of Meriasek: Meriasek is sent to school

Pater Mereadoci pombabit hic

Pater Mereadoci:

  • Me yw gylwys duk Bryten
  • ha seuys a goys ryel,
  • ha war an gwlascur cheften
  • nessa dhen myterne vhell,
  • kyng Conany.
  • Aye lynneth purwyr y thof,
  • gwarthevyas war gwyls ha dof,
  • doutis yn mysk arlydhy.
  • Vn mab purwyr dhyn y ma,
  • Meriasek y hanow.
  • dhe scole lemmyn y worra
  • me a vyn heb falladow,
  • dysky dader may halla.
  • Mersyw gans du plygadow,
  • y karsen y exaltya
  • may fo perhennek gwlasow.


  • Arluth, henna yw gwrys da
  • Y exaltye yredy.
  • Perfect ef a wore redya:
  • Grammer angeffa edeffry
  • Y vyea tek
  • Ha worshypp wosa helma.
  • Yv dhe voth mos a lemma,
  • lauer dhynny ov map wek.


  • A das a mam, ov megyans
  • Yv bos gorrys dhe dhyskans,
  • rag attendie an scryptur.
  • Gothvos ynweth decernya
  • omma ynter drok ha da
  • yv ov ewnadow pup vr


  • Beneth du dhys, meryasek!
  • Pup vr ty yv colonnek,
  • parys rag adysky dader.
  • Meseger, scon alemma
  • kegy gans ov mab kerra
  • bys yn mester a grammer.

Text from: Whitley Stokes (ed.), Beunans Meriasek (London, 1872), ll. 1–22

Enter Meriasek’s father

[Meriasek’s father]

  • I am called the Duke of Brittany
  • and raised from royal blood,
  • and chieftain over the country,
  • [and] closest to the high lord,
  • King Conany.
  • Right truly of his lineage am I,
  • overlord over wild and tame
  • feared among lords.
  • A son right truly have we,
  • Meriasek his name.
  • To school now I shall send him
  • Without fail,
  • that he can learn goodness.
  • If it is God’s pleasure
  • I would wish to exalt him
  • That he be the owner of countries.


  • Lord, that is done well
  • To exalt him readily.
  • Perfectly he can read:
  • Indeed it would be fine
  • if he could have grammar
  • and honour after this.
  • Is it your will to go from here,
  • Tell us, my sweet son?


  • Father and mother, my delight
  • Is to be set to learning,
  • To understand the Scripture.
  • To know likewise how to distinguish
  • Here between good and evil
  • Is always my desire.


  • God’s blessing to you, Meriasek!
  • You are always hearty,
  • Ready to learn goodness.
  • Messenger, take my dearest son
  • forthwith from here
  • to the master of grammar.

Translation from: Whitley Stokes (modified)