The Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic is a vibrant, welcoming and diverse community. Its members are committed to the values of equality, diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of their work, and to transparent, critical and responsible approaches to the medieval past. As part of the Faculty of English, the Department actively promotes the interests of under-represented groups, and contributes to the application towards Athena SWAN accreditation.

Mutual respect is a central part of the Department’s approach to equality and inclusivity. No discrimination, harassment, victimisation or sexual misconduct will be tolerated within the Department. All members of the department, both staff and students, have a role to play in creating and maintaining a tolerant and respectful environment. All are entitled to a positive, supportive experience, free from inappropriate behaviour of any kind, including – but not restricted to – bullying or discrimination on the basis of race, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Any members of the Department with concerns relating to equality, inclusivity or inappropriate behaviour are encouraged to discuss them with Professor Rosalind Love. All such concerns will be treated as confidential.