Admin Staff

Senior Secretary (Academic Support):
Lauren Lalej

Lauren supports the academics and students of both the Faculty of English and the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic. She is responsible for the daily administration of the ASNC Department and maintains this website along with the Faculty Computer Officer.

Lauren's office is room FR26, on the first floor of the Faculty building to the right of the main stairwell as you come up.

Postgraduate Administrator:
Suzanne Daley

Suzanne is responsible for the administration of ASNC postgraduate admissions. She is also responsible for the administration of postgraduate coursework and dissertations and for informing postgraduate students of their respective marks.

Suzanne is Secretary to the ASNC Graduate Sub-Committee. Her office is room F-R24 on the first floor of the Faculty of English building.

Senior Secretary (External Affairs):
Lisa Gold

Lisa works part-time (Mondays, 8.20am to 4.45pm, Wednesday 8.15am to 3.10pm and Thursday 8.15am to 3.10pm) and is responsible for managing both the Department's and the Faculty's Academic Visitors programmes, trust fund administration and supporting the programmes of outreach events and public lectures.

If you wish to purchase any of the publications produced by the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, please contact Lisa direct.

Faculty Administrator:
Marina Ballard

Marina manages all aspects of the English Faculty; she is also Secretary of the Faculty Board, Secretary of the Appointments Committee, the Faculty data protection contact, and co-ordinator of major projects.

English Faculty Librarian:
Laura Moss

Laura is responsible for all aspects of management for the Faculty Library.

Faculty Computer Officer:
Jennifer Pollard
Jen is the full-time Computer Officer for the Faculty and is responsible for system administration and general computer support. She deals with server administration, hardware faults and installation, software installation, software licensing, and various web related tasks. She is the person to contact for anything at all related to computing in the Faculty.