Rather more intimately associated with the Department than its constitution supposes, the ASNaC Society's gregarious committee organises trips, visits and events, the 'scurrilous' Gesta Asnacorum, and the weekly and enthusiastically recommended ASNC lunch. The current executive committee for 2022-23 consists of:


Magnus Bovett, Fennel Taylor, and Rhiannon Warren


Tyla Rich

Treasurer Frederick Upton
Secretary Will Matthews
Gesta Editors Maisie Johnson and Sam Owen
Social Secretary Lottie Wells
Catering Officer

Elizabeth Kesterton

Netwaldas Will Matthews and Elizabeth O'Donnell
Access Officer

George Ellison

Welfare Officers

Grace Muldowney and Ellie Wilson


ASNC Society Constitution

Like everyone else in ASNC, they're all very approachable and will be delighted to be helpful if they can.

They also maintain the independent ASNC Society website where you can find an "Unofficial Guide to ASNC" and other goodies - check it out!

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