The field of study covered by the Department of ASNC (and so by our undergraduates and graduate students) comprises four 'historical' subject-areas, complemented by five vernacular 'language and literature' subject-areas. There is also a paper on 'Palaeography and codicology', involving the study of insular manuscripts.

Four 'historical' subject-areas

  1. Anglo-Saxon England
  2. Scandinavia in the Viking Age
  3. The Brittonic-speaking peoples (Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Pictish Kingdoms and northern British Kingdoms)
  4. The Gaelic-speaking peoples (Ireland, the Isle of Man and western Scotland)

Five vernacular 'language and literature' subject-areas

  1. Old English
  2. Old Norse
  3. Medieval Welsh
  4. Medieval Irish
  5. Insular Latin

Additional subject-area

  1. Palaeography and codicology

The ‘Spoken Word’ feature on this website will enable you to hear some of the languages in question. You will also have an opportunity on the same page to test your grammar of Old English and Old Norse, and to peruse a newly-discovered text in Middle Cornish.