Outreach and Media

  • Contributors to Converting the Isles participated in a public debate in the Irish Times on the origins of St Patrick. The debate was sparked by an article concerning Rev. Marcus Losack's Rediscovering Saint Patrick: A New Theory of Origins (Columba Press, 2013), which started a chain reaction comprising the following responses, in order of appearance: by Dr Elva Johnston, Rev. Losack, Dr Roy Flechner, and Rev. Losack again.
  • Read about our 'Isles and the Wider World' conference on Dr James Palmer's 'Merovingianworld' blog.
  • Read a review by Dr Niall Brady of our 'Converting Landscapes' colloquium on p. 3 of the Spring Newsletter of the Society for Medieval Archaeology.
  • On Monday 12 August at 8pm, Dr Elizabeth O’Brien spoke on ‘Contacts between Ireland and Britain in the Iron Age/ Early Medieval Period, as Revealed by the Irish Burial Record’ at Rathmichael Historical Society.
  • You can now follow the Network on its Twitter account @ConvertingIsles and find us on Facebook.
  • Dr Brittany Schorn, as part of the Orkney Project), will present an exhibition at the 2013 Midlands Viking Symposium on Saturday April 27. The theme of the event, open to all, will be 'Connecting Islands'.
  • The Network sponsored four sessions at the Leeds IMC.
  • Over the summer Dr Roy Flechner chaired gradguate workshops at UCD on behalf of the Network on the topic of the potential use of comparative methods in writing the history of early medieval conversions. These discussions and their outcome will feed into the network's activities and we are grateful to the participants: Nathan Millin, Eoin O Donnchadha, Jennifer Farrel, Laura Brennan, Angela Evans, and Claire Burson.
  • Dr Roy Flechner spoke on 'The Early Christian Centuries' at the University of the Third Age, 27—28 Bridge St, Cambridge CB2 1UJ, on the following days: Tuesday 3 July at 13:30; Friday 13 July at 13:30; Friday 20 July at 13:30; Friday 27 July at 10:30.
  • 'Converting the Isles' in The Times Higher Education Supplement.
  • An article on St Patrick by Dr Roy Flechner cited on the front page of the Irish Times, CNN, and other media worldwide.

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