There are a number of funds administered by the Department to which members of the University may apply for grants and studentships. The funds listed on this page are of particular relevence to ASNC students.

For all enquiries regarding grants and awards please contact Lisa Gold.

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H. M. Chadwick Fund

Applications for this year should be submitted to Lisa Gold (the Secretary - Chadwick), Faculty of English. so as to reach her no later than Thursday 22 February 2024. Only applications for future expenses will be considered, applications for reimbursements of expenses will not ordinarily be accepted

Details (pdf)| Application Form (Word) | Reference Form (pdf) (Word)

Scandinavian Studies and Related Funds

Applications for the Scandinavian Studentship and for grants from the Scandinavian Studies Fund must be submitted to Lisa Gold, Faculty of English, 9 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP, so as to reach her no later than Wednesday 22 May 2024.

The Scandinavian Studentship for advanced study or research in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, or Iceland is open to members of the University who at the date of election have passed some final examination for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, provided that at the same date not more than twenty-four terms have elapsed since the end of their first term of residence. The Studentship is tenable for one year; but a Student is eligible for re-election on not more than two occasions.

Applications for the Studentship should be accompanied by a statement of the course of advanced study or research which the candidate proposes to undertake if elected. The course proposed must involve residence in Scandinavia for not less than three months.

The Student will receive a stipend of £1000, which will be paid no later than the thirtieth day following the election, and such additional stipend, subject to a maximum approved from time to time by the Council, as may be determined by the Managers after taking account of any other financial resources that may be available to the Student. When applying please be aware that subsistence is not normally awarded.

Any member of the University may apply for a grant from the Scandinavian Studies Fund for the furtherance of study connected with Scandinavian countries. Only applications for future expenses will be considered, applications for reimbursements of expenses will not ordinarily be accepted

Brita Mortensen Fund  | Dame Bertha Phillpotts Fund  | Scandinavian Studies Fund  | Tennant Fund

If you would like to apply for any of the funds listed above, please fill in the appropriate application form: Application form for Junior Members  Application form for Senior Members N.B. Applications for grants to support joint projects should be made by the senior member supervising the project on behalf of the individuals taking part.

Combined Reference Form for the above funds for Junior Members.

Dorothea Coke Fund

The Managers of the Scandinavian Studies Fund give notice that they are prepared to receive applications for grants from the Dorothea Coke Fund, the purpose of which is to aid the publication of books, memoirs, or articles by British authors making original contributions to the knowledge of the history and culture of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, before AD 1500. Grants will be made on condition that an acknowledgement to the Fund is printed in the finished book, two copies of which should be sent to the Managers upon publication. Applications, along with one copy of the manuscript and evidence of acceptance for publication, should be sent to Lisa Gold, Faculty of English, 9 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP, so as to reach her not later than Wednesday 22 May 2024.


Wallenberg Prize

The Wallenberg Prize will be offered in 2024 for an essay on a subject chosen by the candidate and approved by the Managers of the Scandinavian Studies Fund, and connected with the language, history, or civilisation of one or more of the Scandinavian peoples. A substantial piece of work, of between 5,000 and 10,000 words, which makes some contribution to knowledge, will be expected. The standard of essay expected should be comparable to that of an undergraduate dissertation submitted as part of a Tripos which is awarded a first class or high upper second class mark. The value of the Prize is £1000.

The competition is open to any member of the University, provided that at the time essays are to be sent in he or she has kept seven terms and that, if a graduate, not more than nine complete terms have passed since he or she was admitted to a first degree at this or any other university. A winner of the Prize may not compete again.

The subject proposed by the candidate must be communicated to Lisa Gold, Faculty of English, 9 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP, with a view to its approval by the Managers, not later than Friday 19 April 2024. If approved two copies of the essay must be sent to Lisa Gold not later than Wednesday 22 May 2024.


Clemoes Reading Prize

The Clemoes Reading Prize is offered for competition each year and is open to all resident members of the University in statu pupillari.

The examination for the Prize shall consist of reading aloud a passage chosen by the candidate from poetry in one of the languages studied in the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, namely: Old English, Old Norse, Medieval Welsh, Medieval Irish, Medieval Cornish, Medieval Breton, and Insular Latin. Candidates should submit their name(s) and passage title to Lisa Gold by 12:00 noon Monday 11 March 2024. As we create a programme for the event, you must also submit your chosen passage, and accompanying translation, by Tuesday 23 April 2024.

The readings will take place on Wednesday 1 May 2024 at 5:00pm in the Faculty of English. The total prize fund value is £350, which will be awarded at the judges' discretion.


General Information on Departmental Awards:

Receipts or other appropriate proofs of expenditure are required before you are awarded your cheque.

Note to applicants of all funds:

  • Please ensure that you consider and report all alternative means of additional funding before applying for any of the funds listed above;
  • Please ensure that you make travel arrangements using the most economic means of travel possible;
  • Please ensure that application budgets include the specified per diem amounts for your destination country.

Regulations governing the funds are listed in Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge, available in the University Library's reference collection (classmark Ref.51.C19) and widely elsewhere, or online at


Graduate Students:

For details of funding available for activities undertaken by current graduate students, see Graduate Training and Related Funding.