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Information and resources are available on our web site for teachers and students of the Viking Age (including the OCR A-Level course “The Viking Age”). It covers the history, society and culture of the Scandinavian peoples and their engagement with Britain and Ireland during the period 793-1066.

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(Cologne, Erzbischöfliche Diözesan – und Dombibliothek, MS 213 (Collectio canonum Sanblasiana), fol. 36v)

Thirty-fifth H. M. Chadwick Lecture

Thursday 14 March 2024, 5pm

Professor Julia Crick (King's College London) will give the lecture entitled 'A palaeographer's vision: the life, times, and work of T. Julian Brown, Professor of Palaeography, University of London, 1960-87'. The lecture will take place in person and will also be live streamed via Zoom.

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Graduate Admissions

The ASNC Department offers a 9-month research-preparation MPhil course and a three-year PhD. It has a lively graduate community with students pursuing research topics in all areas covered by the teaching and research interests of the Department, covering early medieval languages and literatures (Old English, Old Norse, Medieval Welsh, Medieval Irish, Insular Latin), the history of a comparable range of geographical areas (Anglo-Saxon England, Scandinavia, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, and Scotland), as well palaeography.

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Undergraduate Admissions

The BA in Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic at Cambridge is unique (both in Britain and Ireland and indeed in the world!) in offering a degree in which students can combine a passion for early medieval history with a love of languages and literature, while also ranging across the cultures of early Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia, in any combination they choose.

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