Mark Blackburn, Viking Coinage and Currency in the British Isles

Blackburn book launch

On the evening of Friday 24 September 2010 a launch party was held for ‘Viking Coinage and Currency in the British Isles’ by Mark Blackburn, Keeper of Coins and Medals at the Fitzwilliam Museum and Reader in Numismatics and Monetary History in ASNaC. The party was hosted jointly by ASNaC and the Department of Coins and Medals, with over sixty of Dr Blackburn’s friends and colleagues joining him to celebrate this important publication.  ‘Viking Coinage and Currency in the British Isles’  will be available soon, published by Spink as no. 7 in the British Numismatic Society’s Special Publication Series. It will contain fourteen of Dr Blackburn’s papers on the subject of Vikings and their monetary impact in Britain and Ireland, with updates and addenda, as well as a full index and a bibliography of Dr Blackburn’s extensive publications.