Information for Potential British Academy Postdoctoral Applicants

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship applications autumn 2012

Information for potential applicants

The British Academy has indicated that application materials for this year’s Postdoctoral Fellowships competition will be available from 31 August, with a closing date for the first round of applications being 10 October.

If you are thinking of making an application for a Fellowship at Cambridge in the Faculty of English or the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC), you are strongly advised to make informal contact with Professor Helen Cooper for English ( or Professor Paul Russell for ASNC ( to discuss your project.  You should include a statement as to why you think Cambridge is an appropriate academic home for your project, so that we can ensure that there is a good fit with our activities.  If agreement is given in principle, we will then require a draft copy of your application.  Members of the Faculty’s Research Support Committee will then take a final view on which applications the Faculty will support.

The timetable for the consideration of applications by the Faculty is as follows:

Informal enquiries to be made as early as possible and not later than Wednesday 12 September

Draft applications to be received by Thursday 20 September

Decisions made and communicated to potential applicants no later than Wednesday 3 October

For more information about the Faculty’s process, please contact Gillian Weale, the Faculty Administrator (

For more information about the Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme and the British Academy’s application process, please see