Flateyjarbók to be translated into Norwegian

Dr Elizabeth Ashman Rowe (Lecturer in Scandinavian history) is helping to oversee the translation of the Icelandic manuscript Flateyjarbók into Norwegian. The project is led by Professor Torgrim Titlestad (University of Stavanger), who sees the manuscript’s sagas and stories about the kings of Norway as an underappreciated source of information about Norway from the Viking Age to the late fourteenth century. The translation is aimed at a popular audience and will be illustrated by the Norwegian artist Anders Kvåle Rue The first two volumes will appear in 2014, in conjunction with the Norwegian celebration of the anniversary of the National Law in 1814. Publicity for the translation starts on 20 September with a project launch in Oslo, where Dr Rowe will be giving a talk on Flateyjarbók’s political background.