Recent PhD Graduates

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Supervisor & Year of award

David Callander (Research Associate, Latin Lives of Welsh Saints Project, ASNC) Dissonant Neighbours: Progression and Radiality in Welsh and English Poetic Narrative to c. 1250 Prof. Paul Russell and Dr Richard Dance; 2017
Rebecca Merkelbach (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Tübingen) Dólgr í byggðinni: The Literary Construction and Cultural Use of Social Monstrosity in the Sagas of Icelanders Dr Judy Quinn; 2017
Myriah Williams Studies in the Black Book of Carmarthen Prof. Paul Russell; 2016
Sarah Waidler (Postdoctoral Researcher, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies) The Hagiographer and His World: The Writing of Saints' Lives in Ireland during the Central Middle Ages Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2016
Rosalind Lintott A Reassessment of the Sources for Catalogues of the Plinian Monstrous Races in Encyclopaedic Geography Texts, c.1130-c.1250 Dr Rosalind Love; 2016
Benjamin Guy (Junior Research Fellow, Robinson College, Cambridge) Medieval Welsh Genealogy: Texts, Contexts and Transmission Prof. Paul Russell; 2016
Julia Bolotina Medicine and Society in Anglo-Saxon England: The Social and Practical Context of 'Bald's Leechbook' and the 'Lacnunga' Dr Debby Banham; 2016
Radu Razvan Stanciu Attitudes Towards Paganism in Middle Irish and Old Norse Narratives of the Trojan War Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh and Dr Judy Quinn; 2016
Eoghan Ahern The Imagery of the Natural World in Bede: Hagiography, Exegesis and History Dr Rosalind Love; 2016
Joanne Shortt Butler The Portrayal of Ójafnaðarmenn and Ofsamenn in the Íslendingasögur Dr Judy Quinn; 2016
Maria Teresa Ramandi Latin and Norse in Medieval Icelandic Culture: A Comparative Analysis of Some Translated Saints' Lives Dr Elizabeth Rowe; 2016
Sara Lackner Changing Texts, Changing Textual Communities: Manuscript Context and Meaning in Some Tales from the Yellow Book of Lecan Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2016
Alice Hicklin (Postdoctoral Researcher, Freie Universität, Berlin) Hostages in Anglo-Saxon England and its Neighbours Prof. Simon Keynes; 2016

Rosalind Bonté (Publishing Manager, Brepols Publishers)

Coversion and Coercion: Cultural Memory and Narratives of Conversion in the Norse North Atlantic Dr Elizabeth Rowe; 2015

Robert Gallagher (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of the Basque Country)

Latin Literary Culture in the Age of Alfred the Great and Edward the Elder Dr Rosalind Love; 2015

Eleanor Heans-Glogowska

The Longest Saga of Olafr Tryggvason and the Development of Historical Writing in Scandinavia Dr Elizabeth Rowe; 2015

James Lloyd

The role of the Reeve in the local administration of Anglo-Saxon England Prof. Simon Keynes; 2015
Silva Nurmio (Postdoctoral Researcher, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies) Studies in Grammatical Number in Old and Middle Welsh Prof. Paul Russell; 2015

Christine Voth (Postodoctoral Researcher, University of Goettingen)

An Analysis of the Anglo-Saxon Manuscript, London, British Library, Royal 12.D xvii and its Context in the Re-emergence of Manuscript Dr Debby Banham; 2015

Desirée Goverts

A Linguistic and Stylistic Analysis of the Bóroma Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2014
Helen Oxenham

Perceptions of femininity in early Irish Society

Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2014

Veronica Phillips (Reader Support Assistant, Cambridge University Medical Library)

Exile and Exilic Spaces in Medieval Irish Literature Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2014

Naomi Bennett (NZ Treasury Research Department)

The Christology of the Anglo-Saxon Homilies Dr Rosalind Love; 2013
George Younge (Lecturer in Medieval Literature, University of York) British Library Cotton Vespasian D. xiv: an Old English Manuscript in its Anglo-Norman Context Dr Richard Dance; 2013

Natalia Petrovskaia (Postdoctoral Researcher, Marburg University)

Medieval Welsh Perceptions of the Orient Prof. Paul Russell; 2013

Emily Osborne (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia)

Thinking Outside the Hall: The conceptual boundaries of Skaldic verse Dr Judy Quinn; 2013

Christine Bolze

Forms and Functions of the Verb 'to be' in the Old English Gospels Dr Richard Dance; 2013

Philip Dunshea

The Brittonic kingdoms of the Old North Dr Fiona Edmonds; 2012

Jeffrey Love (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Stockholm)

Reception of Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks from the Middle Ages to the Seventeenth Century Dr Judy Quinn; 2012

Deborah Potts

A Cognitive Approach to the Analysis of the Extant Corpus of Kennings for Poetry Dr Judy Quinn; 2012

Megan Cavell (Fellow, Department of English Literature, University of Birmingham)

Representations of Weaving and Binding in Old English Poetry Dr Richard Dance; 2012

Kelly Randell

Kings Over the Water: Narrative Structure in Some Middle Welsh Prose Tales. Prof. Paul Russell; 2012

Brittany Schorn (Research Associate, Gersum Project, ASNC)

How can his word be trusted? Speaker and authority in Old Norse wisdom poetry Dr Judy Quinn; 2011

Peter Evan

The Necrology of Ælfwine's Prayerbook and Late Anglo-Saxon Monastic Culture Prof. Simon Keynes; 2011

Nicholas Sparks (Resident Tutor in History at St. John's College, University of Sydney & Honorary Associate to the Medieval and Early Modern Centre, University of Sydney)

Textual Histories of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: The Alfredian Common Stock Prof. Simon Keynes; 2011

Levi Roach (Lecturer, University of Exeter)

Meetings of the Witan, 871-978 Prof. Simon Keynes; 2011
Matthias Ammon (Project Coordinator, Office of Scholarly Communication, Cambridge University Library)

Pledges and agreements in Old English
- A semantic field study

Dr Richard Dance; 2011
Robert Crampton 'Fingal Cloinne Tanntail' and its literary contexts Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2011
Paul Gazzoli (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 2012-2015, ASNC) England and Scandinavia in the later 11th Century Dr Fiona Edmonds; 2011

Anna-Maria Machado-Matheson
(Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies)

Madness in Early Irish law and literature Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2011

Deborah Hayden (JRF, Christ Church, Oxford)

  Prof. Paul Russell; 2010

Eleanor Barraclough (Senior Lecturer, History Department at Durham University)

Cultural Memory and the Semiotics of Space in the Íslendingasogur

Dr Judy Quinn; 2010

Denis Casey (European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced

Medieval Irish Kingship

Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2009

Rosa Maria Fera (Teaching Associate, Gonville and Caius College)

Visual perception in Old English literature Dr Richard Dance; 2009

Helen Imhoff (Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies)

Representation of pagans in Irish literature Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2009
Rory Naismith (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Clare College) History and Coinage in Southumbrian England, c. 750-865 Prof. Simon Keynes and Dr Mark Blackburn; 2009

Carys Underdown

Studies in the Welsh Preposition: AFTER Prof. Paul Russell; 2009

Elizabeth Boyle (Lecturer, NUI Maynooth)

Medieval Irish eschatology: sources and scholarship

Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2008
Helen Foxhall Forbes (Senior Lecturer, History Department at University of Durham)

The development of the notions of penance, purgatory and the afterlife in Anglo-Saxon England

Dr Rosalind Love; 2008

Jean Rumball

Anglo-Saxon Exiles and Outlaws Dr Richard Dance: 2008

Fiona Salisbury (Rhys Student,
Jesus College, Oxford)

Dialogue in Middle Welsh Narrative Prose Prof. Paul Russell; 2008
Benjamin Snook

The Literary Dimensions of Anglo-Saxon Royal Diplomas from Edward "the Elder" to Aethelred "the Unready"

Dr Rosalind Love; 2009

David Woodman (Research Fellow, Robinson College)

The Charters of the Northern Religious Houses Prof. Simon Keynes: 2008

Alison Bonner (Lecturer, ASNC)

The scale, context, and implications of the manuscript transmission of Pelagius' Ad Demetriadem Dr Rosalind Love; 2007

Emily Lethbridge (Rannis-funded project, Reykjavík)

Narrative in the three versions of Gísla saga Surssonar Dr Judy Quinn;: 2007

Eric Denton

Tenth-Century Anglo-Latin Hagiography: Ramsey and the Old Minster, Winchester Dr Rosalind Love; 2006

Alderik Blom (University of Oxford)

Lingua Gallica: Studies in the Languages of Late Antique Gaul Prof. Paul Russell; 2006

Flora Spiegel

Creation Theology in Anglo-Saxon Literature Dr Rosalind Love; 2006

Geraldine Parsons (Department of Celtic, University of Glasgow)

Contextualising Acallam na Senórach Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh: 2006
Timothy Bolton

The Imperial Rule of Cnut the Great: a Re-examination of the Nature of his Hegemony in England and Scandinavia

Prof. Simon Keynes; 2005

Malasree Home

The Peterborough Chronicle and the writing of history in the Twelfth Century Dr Richard Dance; 2005

Catherine Rooney

The Manuscripts of the Works of Gerald of Wales Prof. David Dumville; 2005

Bridgitte Schaffer (Napa Valley
College, California)

Royalty and the Church in Britain and Ireland to A.D. 1050 Prof. David Dumville; 2005

Kaele Stokes

Welsh kingship and governance in a European context 383-1063 Prof. David Dumville; 2005

Peter Stokes (Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London)

Vernacular Script and Book-Production in Eleventh-Century England Prof. David Dumville; 2005

Lisa Collinson (Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Aberdeen)

Entertainment in Kings' Sagas Dr Judy Quinn; 2004
Paula de Fougerolles Breton History: The Archbishopric of Dol, A.D. 849-1199 Prof. U.-R. Blumenthal (Catholic University of America); 2004
Sara Pons-Sanz (Lecturer, Cardiff University)

Law and literature: Old Norse vocabulary in the works of Wulfstan, Archbishop of York (1002-23) and shop of Worcester (1002-16), with particular focus on the legal terms

Dr Richard Dance; 2004

Elinor Teele

The Heroic Tradition in the Old English Riddles Dr Richard Dance; 2004

Chris Abram (Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame)

English Influence in the Literature of the Medieval Church in Scandinavia Dr Rosalind Love; 2003
Patricia Boulhosa

Icelanders and the Early Kings of Norway: The Evidence of Legal and Literary Texts

Dr Judy Quinn; 2003

Claudia Di Sciacca (Linguistics, Philology and Letters, University of Udine)

The 'Synonyma' by Isidore of Seville as a source in Anglo-Saxon England

Dr Rosalind Love; 2003

Clare Downham (School of Language and Literature (Celtic) University of Aberdeen)

The Viking-Age Towns of Ireland Prof. David Dumville; 2003
K Megan McGowan A political geography of Ireland in the Early Middle Ages Prof. David Dumville; 2003

Rebecca Rushforth

The eleventh- and early twelfth-century manuscripts of Bury St Edmunds abbey Prof. David Dumville; 2003

Emily Thornbury (Department of English, University of California, Berkeley)

Visual imagery in Old English poetry Dr Rosalind Love; 2003

Fiona Winward

Colour terms in early Welsh Literature Dr Oliver Padel; 2003

Sheila Boll (The AHRB Centre of Irish and Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen)

Foster-Kin in Conflict: Fosterage as a Character Motivation in Medieval Irish Literature Prof. Máire Ní Mhaonaigh; 2002

Hérold Pettiau (University of Luxemburg)

Aspects of Episcopacy in Seventh-Century Western Europe Prof. David Dumville; 2002
Alison Powell Verbal Parallels in Andreas and its Relationship to Beowulf and Cynewulf

Dr Andy Orchard and Dr Rosalind Love; 2002

Manish Sharma (Department of English, Concordia University)

Crossing Boundaries: the theme of transgression in Old English poetry Dr Rosalind Love; 2002

Marteinn Sigurðsson (Department of Nordic Philology, University of Copenhagen)

The Myth of Tyr and Fenrir Dr Judy Quinn; 2002

Clare Lynch

Enigmatic Diction in Old English Biblical Poetry Dr Andy Orchard; 2001

Janie Steen

An Analysis of Classical Rhetoric in Old English Poetry Dr Andy Orchard; 2001

Aaron Kleist (Department of English, Biola University, California, USA)

The Development of Aelfric's Doctrine of Free Will in the 'Sermones Catholici' Dr Andy Orchard; 2000

Caitríona Ó Dochartaigh (Department of Irish, National University of Ireland, Cork)

The 'Libera...sicut liberasti' in Insular Tradition Prof. Michael Lapidge; 2000
Oliver Traxel (English Philology, University of Göttingen) Language, Writing and Textual Interference in Post- Conquest Old English Manuscripts: the Scribal Evidence of Cambridge, University Library, Ii. 1. 33 Dr Andy Orchard; 2000


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