The Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (CCASNC) was held for the first time in 2000. It is organised by the graduate students in the Department. A plenary paper is given by an invited speaker, generally from outside the University, and shorter papers are given by graduate students from Cambridge and elsewhere, on the designated theme. The proceedings are published in Quaestio Insularis.

CCASNaC is an annual colloquium run by a committee elected from the postgraduate community in the department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge. Initially focusing on the literature and history of the early mediaeval British Isles and Scandinavia, CCASNaC has, as it has developed, come to include papers on the all aspects of the early Insular world, including material culture, theology, palaeography, art history and musicology.

The papers given at CCASNaC are published in the proceedings journal, Quaestio Insularis, which also publishes the paper of the colloquium's keynote speaker (usually a renowned scholar in the field). Copies of Quaestio Insularis are available from the department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic.





The theme for CCASNC 2018 will be ‘Performance and Perception’. The call for papers has now closed.



The Committee is delighted to announce that the 2018 colloquium will take place on Saturday, 10th February 2018 in room GR06/07 in the Faculty of English, and will be followed by a formal dinner at Newnham College. The keynote speaker will be Prof. Ruairí Ó hUiginn, of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.



Registration is now open for CCASNC 2018, via the link below. The cost is £5 for undergraduates and £7 for all other delegates.

The programme can be viewed here.

The conference dinner will take place at Newnham College, costing £35 for the dinner and an additional £4.80 for wine if desired. All attendees of the conference are welcome to join. The menu can be viewed here. Please inform us of any dietary requirements when booking.

The deadline for those wishing to dine is the 1st of February; late registration is possible for delegates attending the conference only.


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2018 Committee Members:

  • President - Tom Grant (King's College)
  • Treasurer - Francesco Colombo (Clare College)
  • Catering - Bathsheba Wells-Dion (St. Catharine's College)
  • Book Stall - Alice Taylor (St. John's College)
  • Publicity - Anouk Nuijten (Lucy Cavendish College)
  • Secretary - Sven Rossel (Pembroke College)


2017 Committee Members:

  • Presidents - Alice Taylor (St John's College) and Jon Wright (Magdalene College)
  • Treasurer - James McIntosh (Fitzwilliam College)
  • Catering - Tom Grant (King's College)
  • Book Stall - Sarah Christensen (Pembroke College)
  • Publicity - Sven Rossel (Pembroke College)
  • Secretary - Emma Knowles (Corpus Christi College)

2016 Committee Members:

  • Presidents - Ben Guy (Pembroke College) and Katherine Olley (Trinity College)
  • Treasurer - Rebecca Thomas (St John's College)
  • Catering - Jon Wright (Magdalene College)
  • Book Stall - Ben Allport (Girton College)
  • Publicity - David McCay (St John's College)
  • Secretary - Indeg Williams (Emmanuel College)

2015 Committee Members:

  • President - Caitlin Ellis (Gonville & Caius College)
  • Treasurer - Benjamin Guy (Pembroke College)
  • Catering - Katherine Olley (Newnham College)
  • Book Stall - David Callander (Emmanuel College)
  • Publicity - Nick Hoffman (Sidney Sussex College)
  • Secretary - Rebecca Shercliff (St John's College)

2014 Committee Members:

  • Presidents - Eleanor Heans-Glogowska (Newnham College), Myriah Williams (Corpus Christi College)
  • Treasurer - Chandar Lal (Darwin College)
  • Catering - Caitlin Ellis (Gonville and Caius College)
  • Book Stall - Maria Theresa Ramandi (St Edmund's College)
  • Publicity - Julia Bolotina (St John's College)
  • Secretary - Eoghan Ahern (Darwin College)

2013 Committee Members:

  • Robert Gallagher, (St John's College)
  • Alice Hicklin, (Trinity College)
  • Alexandra Reider, (Wolfson College)
  • Tony Harris, (Sidney Sussex College)
  • Rebecca Merkelbach, (Clare College)
  • Eleanor Heans-Glogowska, (Newnham College)
  • Myriah Williams, (Corpus Christi College)

2012 Committee Members:

  • Joanne Shortt Butler, (Clare Hall)
  • Robert Gallagher, (St John's College)
  • Silva Nurmio, (St John's College)
  • Razvan Stanciu, (St John's College)
  • Alice Hicklin, (Trinity College)
  • Sarah Waidler, (Trinity Hall)

2011 Committee Members:

  • Simon Patterson, (Corpus Christi College)
  • David Baker, (Magdalene College)
  • Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough, (Pembroke College)
  • Joanne Shortt Butler, (Clare Hall)
  • Georgia Henley, (Trinity College)
  • Rosalind Marshall, (Trinity Hall)

2010 Committee Members:

  • Megan Cavell, (Corpus Christi College)
  • Christine Bolze, (Newnham College)
  • Phillip Dunshea, (Sidney Sussex College)
  • Simon Patterson, (Corpus Christi College)
  • Levi Roach, (Trinity College)


For more information contact the CCASNC Committee at ccasnc [ @ ]