Prof Rosalind Love

Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon

Fellow of Robinson College

Contact Information

Robinson College, Cambridge, CB3 9AN
Department of ASNC
Faculty of English, 9 West Road , Cambridge CB3 9DP
Office: SR-40 (+44-1223-767316), email:

Departmental and College Responsibilities

  • Head of Department, from October 2023
  • Teaching in Insular Latin language and literature (Part I, Paper 9; Part II, Paper 9)
  • Teaching in Textual Criticism (Part II, Paper 10)
  • Supervision of graduate students in Insular Latin and Old English literature
  • Director of Studies (Michaelmas Term 2021 only) in ASNC for Christ’s College, Robinson College, Selwyn College, Sidney Sussex College and Trinity College

Academic Interests

Insular Latin literature; the sources for Anglo-Saxon literary culture; Insular Latin hagiography, particularly in the tenth and eleventh century; the Biblical commentaries of Bede; glosses and glossed manuscripts.

  • Principal Investigator, Latin Arthurian Literature and the Rise of Fiction (Leverhulme funded) October 2019-December 2023
  • Co-Investigator, Boethius in Early Medieval Europe (Leverhulme funded) Oct 2007-Sept 2012
  • Council member of the Henry Bradshaw Society and Publications secretary
  • General editor, Oxford Medieval Texts (Oxford University Press)
  • Executive editor, Anglo-Saxon England (Cambridge University Press)
  • Member of the editorial board for Filologia mediolatina.

Selected Publications

  • ‘B. and the Vita Harlindis et Renulae’, in Essays in Memory of Paul E. Szarmach, Part 2, ed. Joel T. Rosenthal and Virginia Blanton, Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, Series 3.18 (Leeds: Arc Humanities Press, 2024), pp. 139-159
  • ‘The Hagiographers of Early England and the Impossible Humility of the Saints’, in Emotional Alterity in the Medieval North Sea World, ed. E. Sebo and M. Firth (London, 2023), pp. 171-200
  • ‘“But what Polybius the Greek physician says is more correct”: sources of knowledge in the glosses to Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy at tenth-century Canterbury’, in Crafting Knowledge in the Early Medieval Book: Practices of Collecting and Concealing in the Latin West, ed. S. O’Sullivan and C. Arthur, Publications of the Journal of Medieval Latin 16 (Turnhout, 2023), pp. 229-54
  • ‘B., Cantuariensis Cler.’ in Testi e Trasmissioni 7, Millennio Medievale, Strumenti et studi n.s., ed. Paolo Chiesa and Lucia Castaldi (Florence, 2022), pp. 71–86
  • Rosalind C. Love and Scott DeGregorio, trans., Bede. On First Samuel, Liverpool Translated Texts for Historians (Liverpool, 2019)
  • ‘Goscelinus Sancti Bertini monachus’ and ‘Folcardus Sancti Bertini monachus’, in Testi e Trasmissioni (Te.Tra.) 6, Millennio Medievale, Strumenti et studi n.s., ed. Paolo Chiesa and Lucia Castaldi (Florence, 2019), pp. 178-96 and 228-64
  • ‘St Eadburg of Lyminge and her Hagiographer’, Analecta Bollandiana 137 (2019), 313-408
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  • 'Latin Commentaries on Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy', in The Brill Companion to Alfred the Great, ed. P. Szarmach and N.G. Discenza (Leiden, 2015), pp. 83-111
  • 'The Anglo-Saxon Saints of Thorney and their Hagiographer', in Hagiography in Anglo-Saxon England: Adopting and Adapting Saints' Lives into Old English Prose (c. 950-1150), ed. L. Lazzari, P. Lendinara and C. Di Sciacca (Porto, 2014), pp. 489-522
  • '"Torture me, rend me, burn me, kill me!" Goscelin of Saint-Bertin and the Depiction of Female Sanctity', in Writing Women Saints in Anglo-Saxon England, ed. Paul E. Szarmach (Toronto, 2013), pp. 274-306
  • Elisabeth M. C. Van Houts and Rosalind C. Love, ed. and trans., The Warenne (Hyde) Chronicle, Oxford Medieval Texts (Oxford, 2013)
  • 'Insular Latin literature to 900', in The Cambridge History of Early Medieval English Literature, ed. Clare A. Lees (Cambridge, 2013), pp. 120-57
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  • 'The Library of the Venerable Bede', in The History of the Book in Britain, vol. I, ed. R. Gameson (Cambridge, 2011), pp. 606-32
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  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici (electronic publications on the on-line Database): 797 entries on the sources of the Anglo-Saxon charters (1999); 2326 entries on the sources of Anglo-Latin Hagiography (1999-2000), 1100 entries on the sources of Bede’s Commentary on the Apocalypse, and 600 entries on the sources of Bede’s Commentary on Genesis, Books 1&2 (2000)
  • Three Anglo-Latin Saints’ Lives. Vita S. Birini , Vita et Miracula S. Kenelmi, Vita S. Rumwoldi, Oxford Medieval Texts (Oxford, 1996)