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The Department has a range of publications available to buy online. Full details for each item, including price per copy and postage, are listed below each title on both the order website and the PDF listing available to download.

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PDF copies of many ASNC publications (not including Quaestio Insularis or the Viking and Medieval Scandinavia Journal) are now available to download for free from our website. Alternatively, hard copies may be purchased from the Department as noted above. To see which texts are available, please click the links below.

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  • Phone: +44 (0)1223 335197
  • Post: Publications, Department of ASNC, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP

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Latest ASNC Publications:

  • 2021
    E.C. Quiggin Lecture vol.23:
    Ralph O'Connor, The Music of what happens: Narrative terminology and the Gaelic and Norse-Icelandic saga, 84pp. ISBN 978-1-909106-33-8
  • 2020
    E.C. Quiggin Lecture vol.22:
    Kees Dekker, Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic in the Work of Francis Junius, 44pp. ISBN 978-1-909106-32-1
  • 2022
    Kathleen Hughes Lecture vol.19:
    Caroline Brett, ‘You read it here first’: Early Traditions of Welsh Saints in Brittany, 53pp. ISBN 9781-909106-30-7
  • 2020
    H.M. Chadwick Lecture vol. 31:
    Sarah Foot, Why were there no Martyrs in the Early English Church, 62pp. ISBN 978-1-909106-27-7
  • 2020
    Kathleen Hughes Lecture vol.18:
    Jacopo Bisagni, From Atoms to the Cosmos: The Irish Tradition of the Divisions of Time in the Early Middle Ages, 129pp. ISBN
  • 2019
    H.M. Chadwick Lecture vol. 30:
    Judith Jesch, The Poetry of Orkneyinga Saga, 25pp. ISBN 978-1-909106253
  • 2019
    E .C. Quiggin Lecture vol. 21:
    William Ian Miller,Of Cursing, prophesying, advising, and anxieties of causation: Laxdæla saga ch. 75 and beyond, 25pp. ISBN 978-1909106-26-0
  • 2019
    Kathleen Hughes Lecture vol. 17:
    David N. Parsons, Warning: May Contain Saints. Place-names as Evidence for the Church in Early Wales, 39pp. ISBN 978-1-909106-23-9
  • 2018
    E.C. Quiggin Lecture vol. 20:
    Pierre-Yves Lambert, Manuscripts with Old Breton Glosses, 43pp. ISBN 978-1-909106-19-2
  • 2018
    H.M. Chadwick Lecture vol. 29:
    Gregory Toner, Manifestations of Sovereignty in Medieval Ireland, 48pp. ISBN 978‐1‐909106‐21‐5
  • 2018
    Kathleen Hughes Lecture vol. 16:
    Elva Johnston, When Worlds Collide? Pagans and Christians in Late Antique Ireland, 42pp. ISBN 978‐1‐909106‐20‐8