ASNC Guides, Texts, and Studies

The aim of ASNC Guides, Texts, and Studies is to provide a series of inexpensive volumes considered to be of particular interest, use, or importance in the wide field of study covered by the Department of ASNC. The series will include editions and translations of texts, annotated bibliographies, and guides to particular categories of primary source material. Volumes will generally be of between 50 and 250 pages in length. The editions and translations of texts, which will be literary, historical, liturgical or documentary in nature, will be chosen from material which is less familiar or less readily accessible than it might be, and will be provided with introduction, translation, and commentary.

The volumes are intended to be of use for students, for teaching purposes, and for the advancement of research in the areas which they represent. It is hoped at the same time that they will help to promote the broad conception of medieval studies - cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary, and source-based - which has long been associated with and nurtured by the Department of ASNC.

Volumes in the series are printed and published in such a way as to make them available to students and other interested parties at cost price. As of 2022, selected guides are available to download for free.


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