Opportunities for Further Study and Resources

Opportunities for Further Study

There are a variety of resources available to students who wish to study the language further in their own time, including:



  • Auður Einarsdóttir, Guðrún Theodórsdóttir, MarĂ­a Garðarsdóttir & Sigríður Þorvaldsdóttir: Learning Icelandic + Audio CD (a good introduction to speaking Icelandic, useful for private study)
  • Guðrún Theodórsdóttir: Learning Icelandic Grammar Exercises + key (to be used with the Learning Icelandic textbook)
  • Daisy L. Neijmann: Colloquial Icelandic: The Complete Course for Beginners + CD/cassettes (more ambitious than Learning Icelandic, good for private study)
  • Jón Gíslason og Sigríður Dagný Þorvaldsdóttir: Málnotkun (instructions in Icelandic, not recommended for private study)
  • Stefán Einarsson: Icelandic: Grammar, Texts, Glossary (very old-fashioned but still the most in-depth introduction to the language)
  • M.E. Kentta, Gabriele Stautner and Sigurdur A. Magnusson: Svona er Ísland í dag: This is Iceland Today (a collection of reading texts with translations at the back of the book)


  • Carry on Icelandic: A language course on CD-Rom


  • Sverrir Hólmarsson, Sanders and Tucker: Íslensk-ensk orðabók
  • Jón Skaptason et al.: Ensk-íslensk skólaorðabók

Online Courses


If not available from Cambridge bookshops or Amazon, many of the above can be ordered from the University Bookshop in Iceland.