Undergraduates reading ASNC will find that they have three main academic uses for computers. (1) It will be essential to make use of the online computer catalogues for the University, Faculty and college libraries. (2) Weekly essays can be produced on a word-processor, although many students prefer to write them by hand. Dissertations, on the other hand, may not be presented in handwritten form and have to be typed. It is important, therefore, to perfect your word-processing skills as early as possible. (3) Increasingly, many resources are only available via the Internet.

Most students will use the computing and printing facilities offered by their colleges. There are also two 'Desktop Services' computers and a DS-Print printer in the ASNC Common Room (S-R39), which may be used by ASNC students for e-mail, online library catalogues, and access to the Internet when the room is not in use for meetings or teaching. There are also 14 Desktop Services computers in the Faculty Library: 10 on the ground floor with an attached colour printer and 4 on the first floor, with an attached black and white printer.

The University's training portal gives you access to a list of training courses offered on various aspects of IT and and other skills you may wish to learn while you're here. The English Faculty Library also offers many training sessions on various aspects of research and information management.