Past Graduate Seminars

Michaelmas Term 2011

  • 21 November: Dr Massimiliano Bampi, (The University of Venice, Ca' Foscari), 'The role of translation in medieval literatures: a polysystemic approach'
  • 14 November: Professor Séan Duffy (Trinity College Dublin), 'Ireland and its neighbours in AD 1111: the Synod of Ráith Bressail in context'
  • 31 October: Dr Nick Evans (Glasgow), 'Re-assessing the extent and history of the Pictish province of Circin'
  • 7 October: Dr Rory Naismith (Cambridge), 'Money, economy and exchange at the dawn of the second millennium' and Dr Andrew Woods (Cambridge), 'Assessing the unquantifiable: considering the scale of Ireland's early medieval economy'

Easter Term 2011

  • 9 May: Hughes Lecture: Prof. Thomas Charles-Edwards, (Jesus College, Oxford), 'St Patrick and the Landscape of Early Christian Ireland'
  • 16 May: Anders Andrén, 'Whirls, horses and ships. Solar aspects of Old Norse religion'
  • 23 May: Henrik Williams (Uppsala), 'Why did Röskva disappear, and how did Hymir really die? Studies in the Uppsala-Edda'

Lent Term 2011

  • 24 January: Tessa Webber (Trinity College), 'Reading in the Refectory: monastic practice in England in the eleventh and twelfth centuries'
  • 31 January: Graduate presentations: James Lloyd, 'The Jurisdiction of the Reeve Until the Tenth Century' and Naomi Bennett, 'The redeeming aspects of Aelfric's homilies'
  • 21 February: Anthony Harvey (Royal Irish Academy, Dublin), 'Virgilius Maro Grammaticus and Muirchú Maccu Machthéni: Literary Chalk and Cheese in Seventh-Century Ireland?'
  • 28 February: Graduate presentations: Christine Bolze, 'The verb to be in the Old English gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels' and Desirée Goverts, 'The language of the Bórama'
  • 17 March: Professor Wendy Davies, (UCL), 'Water mills and cattle standards: probing the economic comparison between Ireland and Spain in the early middle ages'

Michaelmas Term 2010

  • 1 November: Tom License (UEA), ‘Herman the archdeacon's “Miracles of St Edmund”: notes and discoveries’
  • 15 November: Jón Vidar Sigurdsson ‘The friendly Viking: the power of friendship in Norway and Iceland, ca 900-1300’
  • 22 November: Graduate presentations: Simon Patterson,  'The Perils of Prophecy in Laxdæla saga' and Veronica Phillips 'Mediating Exilic Space in Buile Shuibne'
  • 2 December: Quiggin Lecture: Professor Liam Breatnach (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

Easter Term 2010

  • 3 May: Dr Alderik Blom (Univeristy of Cambridge), ' 'Dit hebbe ick ontfangen...als eene onvvaerdeerlijcke schat'; Humanism and the Study of Celtic in the Seventeenth-Century Netherlands'
  • 10 May: Dr James Fraser (University of Edinburgh), 'Vita Columbae and the Legacy of Baithene of  Iona'
  • 24 May: Professor John Niles (University of Wisconsin), 'The Fonthill Ghost Word, the Fonthill Thief, and Early West Saxon Textual Culture'

Lent Term 2010

  • Monday 25 January: Dr Geraldine Parsons (University of Glasgow), Title: ‘Muted Witness: The Rawlinson B 487  text of Acallam na Senórach
  • Monday 1 February: Graduate presentations: Mr George Younge, 'Twelfth-century Devotional Culture and the Old English Marian Homilies in BL. Cotton Vespasian D. xiv' and Ms Natalia Petrovskaia, 'Between England and Wales: the origins of a Welsh Geographical Text'
  • Monday 8 February: Dr Matt Townend (University of York), Title: ‘W.G. Collingwood and the Viking Club: papers, pictures, and pageantry’
  • Monday 22 February: Dr Mark Blackburn (University of Cambridge), Title: ‘Continental Perspectives on the Anglo-Saxon Monetary System’
  • Monday 1 March: Graduate Presentations: Ms Emily Osborne and Mr Jeffery Love - titles t.b.c.
  • Monday 8 March: Dr Francesca Tinti (University of Páis Vasco), Title: ‘Pallium, Penance and Peter’s Pence: England and Rome in the tenth and eleventh centuries’

Michaelmas Term 2009

  • Monday 19 October: Prof. Margaret Clunies Ross (University of Sydney), Title: 'Kennings and Christian Skaldic Poetry'
  • Monday 26 October - Dr Mercedes Salvador, Title: 'Unveiling sex in Anglo-Latin aenigmata: the case of Aldhelm's and Tatwine's collections'
  • Monday 23 November: Dr Lesley Abrams (University of Oxford), Title: 'Constructing Identities in Anglo-Scandinavian England: Hogbacks and Stone Crosses'

Easter Term 2009

  • Monday 11 May: Dr Roy Flechner (Trinity College, Cambridge), Title: 'The Chronicle of Ireland, then and now'
  • Monday 25 May: Dr Elva Johnston (UCD), Title: 'Palladius and Conversion: Historical Contexts'
  • Monday 1 June: Dr Peter Stokes (ASNC), Title: 'Is Palaeography no more than Authoritarian Guesswork? Some Questions of Method'

Lent Term 2009

  • Monday 26 January: Dr Mary Garrison (York) 'Alcuin and the Insular Latin Parrhesiasts’
  • Monday 2 February: Graduate Presentations - Ms Kelly Randell (Narrative variation in the Brut versions of Cyfranc lludd a Llefelys -the Tale od Lludd and Llefelys) and Mr Peter Evans (title t.b.c)
  • Monday 9 February: Professor Andy Orchard (Toronto) ‘Wulfstan: the Profit of Doom’
  • Monday 23 February: Dr Lise Gjedssø Bertelsen (Curator, National Museum, Copenhagen), ‘From King Harold’s picture runestone in Jelling, Denmark to Östman Gudfastssøn’s picture runestone in Jämtland, Sweden’
  • Tuesday 24 February - Dr Bertelsen will be conducting a two-hour seminar on ornamentation styles on rune-stones, from 4-6pm in room G-R04 of the English Faculty Building.
  • Monday 2 March: Visiting Scholar Presentations - Mr Aaron Ralby (Wise Words and Words of Wisdom: A Look at Völsunga saga) and Mr Joshua Byron-Smith (The Welsh Tales of Walter Map's De Nugis Curialium)
  • Monday 9 March: Professor Russell Poole (University of Western Ontario),‘Issues of identity, language, and literary commodification in early Iceland’

Michaelmas Term 2008

  • Monday 20 October: Dr Padráic Moran (ASNC) 'Hermeneumata hibernica: Greek Schoolbooks in early medieval Ireland'
  • Monday 27 Ocboter: Dr George Molyneaux (All Souls, Oxford): 'The Old English Bede - English ideology or christian instruction?
  • Monday 3 November: Graduate Presentations- Mr Eric Denton (English Hagiographical Manuscripts 978 - 1016: Reading between the Lines) & Ms Debbie Potts (The work doesn't seem soft in my throat': softness and rigidity in the self-reflexive language of fourteenth-century Christian drápur)
  • Monday 17 November: Graduate Presentations- Ms Eleanor Barraclough (The unfamiliar landscape: representations of the world west of Iceland in the Vinland sagas) & Ms Brittany schorn (‘Allþorf ýta sonom, óþorf ýta sonom’: The Importance of Narrative Context in Old Norse Wisdom Poetry)
  • Monday 24 November: Dr Kathryn Powell (ASNC) 'Reading between the Lines: Corrections, Glosses and Marginalia in Manuscripts containing Old English'

Easter Term 2008

  • Monday 19 May: Dr Jo Story (University of Leicester), Alcuin's Epitaph for Pope Hadrian I: its epigraphic context and manuscript transmission
  • Monday 26 May: Dr Eva-Maria Remberger (University of Konstanz), 'Will' and 'want': the future orientation of volitional verbs in English, Celtic and other languages

Lent Term 2008

  • Monday, 28 January: Conan Doyle 'An Anglo-Saxon Sense of Humour: Anglo-Saxon Humoral Theory as Reflected in Old English Medical Vocabulary' and Deborah Hayden 'Form and Function in Analysis of the Irish Genitive Case'
  • Monday, 4 February, 5pm: Dr Heather O’Donoghue (Faculty of English, Oxford), ‘“The Wife's Lament” and “Helreið Brynhildar”: Reflections on similar lives?
  • Monday, 11 February, 5pm: Professor Sioned Davies (Department of Welsh, Cardiff), ‘The Mabinogion: a new translation
  • Monday 18 February, 5pm: Dr Martha Bayless (Department of Medieval Studies, University of Oregon), ‘Treacherous Earls and Wayward Queens : Reclaiming the Lost Literature of Anglo-Saxon England.’
  • Monday, 25 February, 5pm: Nicholas Sparks 'The sidelong approach to history: an early accretion to the West Saxon genealogies' & Rory Naismith 'The Moneyers Take Over: Politics and Coinage at Canterbury in the 820's'
  • Monday, 3 March, 5pm: Dr Sharon Rowley (Department of English, Christopher Newport University), ‘"Who Read Aethelbert's Letter: Translation and Mediation in the Old English Bede" ’

Michaelmas Term 2007

  • Monday, 15 October, 5pm: Paul Gazzoli 'Anglo-Danish relations after the Norman Conquest' and Robert Crampton, 'The First Vatican Mythographer - from classical to ASNaC?'
  • Monday, 22 October, 5pm: Prof. Thomas Clancy, University of Glasgow, 'Gaelic and English in south-west Scotland in the early middle ages: paradigms, problems, place-names'
  • Monday, 5 November, 5pm: Dr Anthony Harvey, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 'Writing the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources'
  • Monday, 12 November, 5pm: Jennifer Doolan 'Tradition and Change: Odinn in post-Conversion Iceland' and Peter Evan
  • Monday, 19 November, 5pm: Dr Nancy Edwards, University of Bangor, 'Rethinking the Pillar of Eliseg'

Easter 2007

  • Monday 7 May, 5pm: Dr Cormac Bourke, Curator of Medieval Antiquities, Department of Archaeology and Ethnography , Ulster Museum, Belfast ‘Insignia sanctorum Hiberniae: Classification and Context’
  • Monday, 21 May, 5pm: Dr Heide Estes, Hon. Research Associate, Monmouth University, USA, 'Eco-Criticism and Anglo-Saxon Landscape'

Lent 2007

  • Monday, 22 January, 5pm: Mr Alex Woolf, Department of Medieval History, St Andrews, ‘ British Kingdoms and English Sees: the Construction of the Northumbrian Kingdom ’
  • Monday, 29 January, 5pm: Helen Foxhall-Forbes, Helen Imhoff, Sophie Rixon
  • Monday 19 February, 5pm: Professor Peter Schrijver, Department of Celtic, University of Utrecht , The Netherlands ‘Pruning and Grafting the Celtic Family Tree’
  • Monday, 26 February, 5pm: Ben Snook, Anna Machado-Matheson, Rosa Fera
  • Monday 5 March, 5pm: Professor Michael Chesnutt, The Arnamagnæan Institute, University of Copenhagen, 'My Life with Egils saga - Transformations of a Medieval Icelandic Masterwork'
  • Additional Graduate Training Sessions:
    • Thursday, 22 February, 2-3.30pm: Mr Jeremy Harding on Voice Projection Workshop (session 2), Lecture Block Room 2
    • Thursday, 8 March, 3-5pm: Dr Fiona Edmonds on 'Map Making' (sessions I and 2), ASNC Common Room

Michaelmas 2006

  • Monday, October 9th, 5pm : Professor Nicholas Brooks, University of Birmingham ‘Aetheric of Bocking’s Evasion of the Charge of Treachery’
  • Monday, October 23rd, 5pm : Abigail Bennett and Fiona Salisbury
  • Monday, October 30th, 5pm : Professor Rosamond McKitterick, Newnham College , Cambridge ‘The Franks and their History in the Late Eighth Century’
  • Monday, November 13th: Professor Thomas Koehnen, University of Cologne ‘Linguistic Politeness in Anglo-Saxon England ’. To be held in room G-R06-7 of the English Facutly Building.
  • Monday, November 20th, 5pm : Matthias Ammon, Denis Casey and Rebecca Dowbiggin
  • Additional Graduate Training Sessions:
    • Wednesday, November 1st, 4pm, : Dr Fiona Edmonds on 'Mapmaking' in room G-R06 of the English Facutly Building
    • Thursday, November 9th, 11.30am : Dr Rebecca Rushforth will leading a Manuscript Handling session in the Convservation Department of the British Library. Places are strictly limited to 10 and they will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis; please e-mail Dr Rushforth (rjr20), copying it to Dr Ní Mhaonaigh(mnm21), if you would like to book a place.
    • Wednesday, November 29th, 4pm : Dr Rebecca Rushforth on 'Digital Technologies for the Humanities' (will include a discussion of Endnote and Databases) in room G-R04 of the English Fauclty Building.

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