ASNC Research Seminar

The ASNC Research Seminar is a forum for post-doctoral researchers working in ASNC-related topics and senior members of the ASNC department to present research papers. The seminar provides an opportunity to present new work in an informal setting, or to share with a ‘home’ audience papers intended for presentation at conferences further afield. The seminar meets monthly (though not in August), usually on the last Friday of each month, but with some flexibility depending on speaker availability. The ASNC Research Seminar is open for all members of the university to attend.  Seminars are followed by a trip to a local pub.


Forthcoming Seminars for 2013-14

These seminars will be held at 5pm in room GR05 of the English Faculty Building, 9 West Road.
Seminars are traditionally followed by a trip to the Red Bull afterwards. All are welcome!

Friday, 25th October 2013: Dr Deborah Potts (ASNC): How to write like a Viking: mixing Óðinn’s mead and modern poetic practice

Friday, 22nd November 2013: Dr. Erik Niblaeus (CRASSH): Writing Medieval History in the Wake of the Schleswig-Holstein Crisis (c. 1848-64)

Friday, 6th December 2013: Seminar Cancelled

Thursday, 30th January 2014, in SR24: Stefany Wragg, Wearmouth to Winchester: Tracing the Old English Bede, Text and Image (Note the change to the usual day/venue)

Friday, 21st February 2014, in the Board Room: Dr Natalia Petrovskaia (ASNC), Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Romans (Note the change to the usual venue)

Friday, 21st March 2014: Dr Patricia Pires Boulhosa (ASNC), Fish Trade in Mediaeval Iceland - History and Archaeology

Friday, 25th April 2014: Seminar Cancelled

Friday, 30th May 2014: Dr Phil Dunshea (ASNC), Edinburgh and Lothian in early Insular texts

Friday, 20 June 2014: Seminar Cancelled

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